Highland Business Partnership

About Us

The Highland Business Partnership (HBP) is a new Business group set up by some local business leaders.

We needed to set up a new group- something different to existing ones.


The new Business group is there to offer support, grab business opportunities together and generally help the Highland economy through keeping things local.


The group was set up to help each other survive the effects of the pandemic and perhaps as we move forward together.


Over 1600 Multi sector & size Highland businesses spread throughout the entire region it has shown there is an appetite for something new by joining the group.

That said the group recognises the fantastic business membership organisations out there already.


One of the biggest surprises to come out of the group so far has been the awareness of businesses we did not know existed before the group started. It has been fantastic to see the range of diverse businesses out there spread throughout. Highlighting the need for a Highland Business Directory.


The amount of business being done between the owners within the group is amazing.


We hope these tools raise awareness of individual businesses and in turn open up some opportunities together.


Spending a £1 locally in a local business results in an economic benefit to the local region of £2.67.

Having a Highland Business directory will help people find what they are looking for “Within” The region.


Creating Opportunities Together – Come Join us .